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Georgia, The Balcony Of Europe


Why would people call it that? Why does it deserve it? Georgia is a special place that can only be described as a gem between Europe and Asia which, upon arrival, has you saying - yes, this is where I want to be. With scenery and hikes beautiful enough to please any nature lover, an immensely fascinating history and culture, along with open-hearted and remarkably welcoming locals, this country is sure to surprise and delight you.

The countryside is both captivating and photogenic, lying in the middle of an impressive mountainous region, perfect for hiking, trekking, and exploring at a leisurely pace. Quaint villages and towns still dot the countryside, while modern cities like the capital offer a unique experience within this marvelous country.

On this Journey you will experience a rewarding blend of all this country has to offer. The capital, Tbilisi, is an excellent welcome to this country, where you’ll gain insight to an ancient culture, all the while witnessing a modernization and youthful flow taking place at this very moment. On your way to explore the stunning mountains, you will see plenty of spectacular places worth stopping by along the way. Driving a rental car through this country and setting your own place makes for good adventure, and ensures you decide what you wish to see. This place will undoubtedly leave you stunned and glad you came.


From July 20, 2018
To July 27, 2018
Nights 7 nights
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21 - 23 July


A magic city, more than 16 centuries old, Georgia's capital is full of fascinating stories to tell. Back in the day, Persians, Ottoman Turks, Byzantine Greeks, Russians all came as enemies, but stayed as friends. Since its very beginning, the city has attracted people of all walks of life and welcomed people of contrasting cultures, different languages and religion; and by doing so, the city has enriched itself and ornamented the country with an immense diversity.

Tbilisi is sure to charm you with its grace and hospitality, something you’ll certainly experience upon interaction with its people. Stroll around the Old Town for a glimpse of the past, get lost in the little streets, wander through its fresh local markets, enjoy the picturesque architecture, indulge in the many inviting cafes, or absorb the history in the spruced-up museums. The nightlife is also teeming with young people. This is a new modern city that is slowly opening itself up to the world.

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Warm, sunny and dry


Mid Range - Fabrika

Travel Logistics

Flight + Taxi




Architecture, Churches, Cooking Classes, Day Trips, Hiking, Historical Sites, Market Visits, Museums, Nightlife

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23 - 26 July

Tusheti National Park

The Tusheti region holds some of the country’s best-kept secrets in terms of food, hospitality and natural beauty. There are a variety of trails and hikes to explore, some leading to old stone houses or solitary churches, and others just to take in the unique landscape.

This is a jewel in the greater mountain range, which can be reached only from early June to early October. Road conditions aren’t the best but they are 100% doable, and once you get to your base you won’t need the car again until returning to the capital.

Destination Information


Warm, sunny and dry


Budget - Guest House Shina

Travel Logistics

Car Rental (~3.5 hour drive)


Forest, Mountains


Biking, Churches, Climbing, Country Side Tours, Hiking, Historical Sites, Horseback Riding, Nature Walks, Trekking

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Medium Risk

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Extremely Low

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